1. Virtually every photographer in Scotland was out last night Aurora-watching… unless it was cloudy of course. I’ve seen some stunning images from all over the country, and from Ireland too.

    Normally it’s the northern part of Scotland that witnesses the spectacle but last night it appeared here on Islay. Whilst the Kp (Measure of Geomagnetic activity) occasionally exceeds 6.0 during an Auroral storm (greater than 6 is necessary for possible sightings at this latitude) you also need clarity, a cold atmosphere and ideally no moonlight. You also need a bit of luck, and I’ve been waiting around 4 years for all of the above to coincide!  

    These images are from Bridgend here on Islay at around 23:00. 

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    What great photos once again from James
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    Beautiful shots by James, especially as he also managed to catch the stars.
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